A Message from John

We realize that you have a variety of choices when selecting a contractor to build your next home—the biggest purchase you’ll ever make in your life. We want you to know that at Arizona Homes of Lake Havasu City, a family-run business–you get much more than a home, you receive the backing of over 25 years of serving the community, while helping build the community—one home at a time!

We don’t only build homes, we build lasting relationships, and many of the people living in our homes are also our friends and neighbors. It’s about more than just dollars and cents and deadlines; it’s about being involved, hands-on, from the planning stages clear through working out the punch list and beyond.

When we’re building homes we’re building relationships, and we know that both of those start with a solid foundation. That’s what we deliver in every home we build—we offer that extra, special touch that you’ll appreciate for many years to come. We don’t just build to meet code—we provide many special touches that other builders consider upgrades, but we consider just going the extra mile to guarantee that your family is living in the best possible home you could ever build for the price.

How do we do it? As stated earlier, I’m personally involved in every step of the building process. Chances are if you stop by the construction site, you’ll see me there as well. In addition, we work with only the best subcontractors’ in town.

We’ve been in Lake Havasu for over 25 years—it’s because of customer satisfaction and quality construction. We don’t just build a home that you will be happy to live in—we build homes that we’d be happy to have our family live in! There’s a reason over 500 families have relied on us to build their home—check out their testimonials–check out the quality upgrades and high-end subcontractors’ throughout the magazine. If you like what you see then you’ll want to stop by and find out how we can start providing that solid foundation for you and your family.


John Rosenbaum
Arizona Homes of Lake Havasu City LLC
General Contractor/Developer/Broker